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Hip PRP Testimonials

"My PRP is working wonderfully. I walked four miles for the first time in two years!! Thank you so much! 

- DC 

Knee PRP Testimonials

Recently while exercising I developed a pain in my right knee which wound up being a meniscal tear. With The help of Dr Kalman I received PRP in his center. Besides the staff being extremely friendly the procedure Went as he described. After taking the blood from my elbow the PRP was re-injected into my right knee Without any pain. My body helped heal myself and in 2 days I was back on the road running.  I want to thank

Dr Kalman for having done an excellent job. In the future if needed I will not hesitate to have it done again.

- JC MD 

Thanks to our PRP treatments, arms and legs working fine and enabling me to enjoy every waking tour and new adventures on my cruise to New England And Canada.

- JS 

PRP Plantar Fascia Testimonial

I'm feeling great!  I barely notice my heel except maybe after a heavier workout.  Even then it just feels a bit tender. It's not the original pain.

It's just a slight tenderness.  I can walk and run on the treadmill with barely any notice.  I wouldn't say it's 100% pain free, but darn close. Again, it's not even "pain."  More like a twinge. 

- MC 

Shoulder Testimonial

When I had the misfortune of significantly damaging my left shoulder, I had the good fortune of having Doctor Victor Kalman perform arthroscopic surgery repair, including grafting of a prosthetic implant in the damaged area.

Normally, this would have involved completely opening the shoulder, requiring lengthy therapy, healing, and pain.

Through the skill of Doctor Kalman, I had little or no pain during my post-operative period. In fact, I did not require prolonged (and expensive) physical therapy. The operation was so successful that I was able to perform therapy on my own, at home!

What makes this experience even more amazing is that I am 81 years old!

Thanks to you, Doctor Kalman, I am now pain free with full mobility restored!

- HA 

Shoulder Rotator Cuff PRP

"The PRP worked well, I am 90%. I have no issues in the OR-which was my goal. Overall I am thrilled-so glad I did it. Thank You!"

-MC, Physician 

"I no longer have any pain and I now have full mobility. Thank you Dr. Kalman for making drug free procedures available and successful"


Tennis Elbow

I tried many types of traditional therapies for my tennis elbow without relief. Once I received the PRP treatment, my elbow began healing and I was able to resume physical therapy and continue with my work without pain.

-FM, Physical Therapist

Achilles Tendon

As an athlete and physical therapist, I knew this injury would mean a very long rehab process secondary to the healing process of the tendon. I was relieved to learn of the PRP option that would assist in the facilitation of healing and expedite the rehab of my injury.

-FM, Physical therapist/Former D I athlete/coach

Dr. Vic Kalman - Orthopedic Surgeon - Stem Cell Therapy - PRP Therapy - Regenerative Medicine - Arthroscopic Surgery - Orthopedic in Wilmington, DE


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